BSH 50 Years

The world is changing.

In the year of our 50th anniversary, we want to invite you to get to know BSH, our products and our ideas for the future. We also want to present to you our visions, projects, knowledge and above all, the people who influence and shape your future and ours.

We need to understand where this journey is heading – what is the long-term impact of current trends such as networking, experience orientation, health and sustainability. We need to help shape the future ourselves and play a part in deciding the path we take. Because we don’t just want to know how we are going to live tomorrow, we ask ourselves: how do we want to live tomorrow?

That’s why we keep a close eye on developments in technology, society, science, architecture, design and food in order to make our contribution.

Every tomorrow has a yesterday. It is for this reason that we are telling you how BSH has been driving developments for 50 years – and in doing so has not only improved people’s quality of life, but has also always been a relevant part of social development. All because we thought about the future. Modern home appliances have changed people’s lives, giving them time for work, career and a private life.

And today? Today we try to learn from the past for the future. We try to implement what is meaningful, feasible and points the way to the future. In the course of our jubilee year, we will regularly update you here with new and exciting articles related to these topics. Let us inspire you.

Future – Where we are heading.

We report on trends in the fields of technology, society, science, architecture, design and nutrition that are directly or indirectly related to BSH and its product worlds. We ask experts what they expect from and hope for the future. We introduce general developments – and very special people; visionaries whose projects or ideas strongly influence and accelerate these developments. From this we get a possible picture of the future, allowing us an insight into tomorrow’s opportunities and possibilities.

Present – What we are working on.

At BSH, the future has already arrived. We present projects and the people behind them who are working to improve the quality of life of customers today through innovative technology, intelligent solutions, a basic orientation toward the current needs of the people of the world. These texts tell us how we will live in the near future and what opportunities we can have.

Past – What we are based on.

What is true of the future was also true of the past. The BSH of today and tomorrow is based on 50 years of history in which it was the driving force for technological as well as social development through BSH products. In a timeline and a look back on 50 years of advertising, we show what impact BSH products had at various times and how they positively influenced quality of life. From this we can derive structures that may be transferable to the future and help us answer the question of how we want to live tomorrow.

Curious? Then make sure to keep dropping by to take a look. We regularly release new articles, photos and videos about the past, present and future of BSH. In addition, there are plenty of interesting visions, projects and insights into tomorrow’s world.

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